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Magic numbers. Magic couple 69.

Who is CHILLINo 6?

It is affectionately called the number six.
It is the winner of the silver medal in the international championship American International Wine Competition.
The noble Yellow Muscatel in fine rosé color withunique hints of real forest berries fits perfectly into the sweetest moments of a day.
A mildly spicy note of chilli creates a sense of freshness that surprises and inspires.
Your sixth sense gets activated and it whispers – it is OK!

Who is CHILLINo 9?

It is affectionately called the number nine. It is the winner of the golden medal in the championship Finger Lakes International Wine Competition and the silver medal in American International Wine Competition. A charming combination of top-class Styrian wine varieties with added chilli gives it a touch of fresh, spicy
flavor and astonishes with its extravaganza. You allow yourself to be seduced because you know that an unrepeatable, special experience awaits you. Its self-confidence is poured into you and takes you to seventh heaven..

69  and  96 – magic CHILLINo numbers

Združitev številk 6 in 9 tvori krog, ki simbolizira popolnost, spajanje dveh polovic, ki se zrcalita,
objem duhovnosti in materialnosti, prehajanje od začetka h koncu in nazaj, vedno znova.
Ne čudi, da se tako imenuje tudi priljubljen položaj – le kdo ne bi vedel, o katerem teče beseda.

iS CHILLINo very spicy? »Does it burn«?

A secret formula releases just a sufficient quantity of hotness, in order to stimulate your taste buds; you become more sensuous and susceptible to euphoric flavor and divine taste that comes after you’ve taken the first sip. A gentle touch of chilli subsides with each second, but the harmony of elixir goes on and on …

Is CHILLINo wine with a chilli flavor or a chilli elixir?

Fundamentally it is still regarded as wine, to which carefully selected varieties of chilli peppers are added at a given point, when the yeasts in the must are most active. In relation to the intensity of the aroma, a reasonable level of capsaicin and the unfailing »fruity taste« touch we managed to pick out 6 Caribbean varieties such as Jumbo hot Jamaican, Habanero hot lemon and Scotch Bonnet on the basis of many years of experience.

Which type of wine contains CHILLINo?

In Styria in the vicinity of the birth house of Anton Martin Slomšek and Pasque Flower site, on the SOLITARY REGION OF KARST, on the slopes of the former vineyards of the Earls of Celje, the Kolar wines have prospered since 1602.

Not all of them are of the same sort. Over each and every grapevine shines the same sun that enriches the grape berries with sugar. Yet the grapevine gains its taste through various structures, soil texture and climate impacts.

The treasure, hidden inside a couple of 1,000 grapevines at Kolar family, is nowhere else to be found since Kolar’s grapevines grow in the middle of the continental climate in the protected state area of the solitary Karst. It is a combination that produces outstanding great wines.

Over 400 prizes, won by Kolar winemakers over the past three decades, testify to their wine quality.

Where does the intensive aroma of the forest berries in rosé originate from?

An extract on a fully natural basis is produced from the forest berries. We even demand berries free from peduncles since traces of the tannin are not desirable in the wine. The same goes with fresh chilli peppers, from which the stones and the stalks are removed. Chilli loves the sweet aroma which is why it does not go hand in hand with the tannin.

Is there anything else besides chilli and grapes that creates the exciting chilli flavor?

CHILLINo – everything inside of it is natural. As well as the aroma is. Leave the bottle open for the whole day. The aroma will get almost entirely lost. It is a 100 percent natural!

Invigorates and makes you relaxed at the same time, with no side effects.


When to order CHILLINo?

Chillino69 can be consumed as an »After-work drink«, when we want a little exoticism for ourselves, or when we wish to appear elegant with the refined taste in someone’s company.

How should we serve it – what is the protocol?

The ideal serving temperature varies between 8–10 degrees Celsius, in low, possibly cooled glasses and, naturally, ice-free.

Should we pour CHILLINointo the glass on our own?

Yes. Because we are – as well as CHILLINo – unique!
The creators of our mood and decisions.

Is CHILLINoa beverage for solo, for two or for the whole company?

It works in all combinations mentioned above. Since it is unique, you can order it by yourself, in a company of another person you can play with tasting it or the numbers on it. If you are in the company of others, be attentive – it stimulates boldness and new ideas.

Should we drink it in summer or winter or …?

We drink it in all seasons. For two reasons. We need to chill every day, and at the same time chilli has a wonderful characteristic which enables it to warm up in the winter and causes the body to chill because of the spicy ingredient (capsaicin) in the summer.

Why do the caterers love it so much?

It is unique. The only one in Slovenia and in the world.
Not every bar keeps it, nor can it have it.
The locations can be found hereORDER HERE

Chillino is served without additions and in a sealed bottle. 

Magnificently striking.

An innovation from Slovenia – for the spiciest highlight of the day!

Each of them tells its own story. Who is who,
we leave that to you, but they come together as a pair.
The circle of infinity 69 😉