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CHILLINo IS more than wine –

it is an elixir and aphrodisiac at the same time!
It is a descendant of a noble CHILLI WINEwhich is the first official chilli wine in the world.
100 percent Slovenian and made from 100 percent Slovenian ingredients!
Chilli is rather small, which is why the bottle of CHILLINo is small, too.
. But the effect of refreshment, relaxation and revitalization … That is magnificently powerful!


CHILLINo is a beverage for chilling

An elixir for a perfect chill-out.
CHILLINo is pronounced as – tʃilino
chilling = in dialect: relaxed spending time

It gives you relaxation and stimulates you naturally. It is an interesting beverage.
It stimulates instantly and is released in the form of a spicy energy, which lasts and lasts!
It has been created with one purpose only – to change special moments into unforgettable ones.

CHILLINo is not the same as Chilli Wine

CHILLINo is its vibrant heir to the throne. It is intended for the sensuous »personas« that pay attention to details, who don’t wish to stay in the shadows …

For all the extravaganza and charm lovers, who are keen of novelties 😉

STORY 69 | 96

The real story behind goes exactly like this:
All of us who have approached the creation of CHILLINo with love, have instantly felt the energy, there was something different, bold, unusual.
Then, while driving to work one day during the rush hour, we were wondering how to introduce  CHILLINo to Slovenia.

we said: »One gets to be 6 and the other 9, and together they will form the magic number 69.«

At that moment a big truck with a registration number LJ 96-C, drove by, and the music was playing on the radio frequency 96.9 MHz … and the moderator said:
»You are about to hear a song sung by a 96-year-old Doris Day, Que Sera Sera, which, translated, means What will be, will be.. The last doubts were dispelled the moment after we saw a huge sign right in front of the tunnel, saying You are driving 96!
Believe or not, there was even more …

On which occasions should we drink CHILLINo

One should drink it for all the small victories of the day.
It is a beverage of a new, contemporary generation. It is meant for everyone, who wants to stop the time for only a moment after a demanding day.

The masterminds behind the trademark Chilli wine?

MATIC VIZJAK. IAn innovator, a man of feeling and action. /span>
And the successor of the fourth generation of the organic farm Vizjak in Šmarje pri Jelšah, a proactive farmer who has won many rewards and an Innovative Young Farmer of the year 2017 award.

He has developed a concept together with a good friend and fellow inhabitant, winemaker Urošem Kolarjemand designed a wine innovation which has instantly won the greatest critics and experts in the world wine trade business.
Matic – the idea, Uroš – the implementation. Both of them are young farmers and winemakers who continue the tradition.

When we bring dreams, boldness and knowledge together, we get Chillino 69 as a result!


Indeed: everything, including the chillies, is grown in Slovenia.

Chillis are being cultivated by Vizjak farm, whose vision is to provide the customers with wholesome and quality food, together with the greatest respect towards the nature.
An ecological farm, where a faithful rooster still crows every morning to wake you up.
They are trying to preserve the old ethnological production methods, so most of work is still done manually together with good friends and neighbors. They are located in rural areas of Šmarje pri Jelšah in the valley under Pilgrimage (Kalvarija) and St. Rok’s church. The first family records date back to 1860. Today already the fourth generation of ecological farmers is producing crops on the estate according to the principle of non-invasive agriculture.

Čiliji, ki rastejo tu, so zato izjemno aromatični in zdravi, vino vrhunskega okusa, CHILLINo pa izjemen! Drugačen in privlačen.